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KOOKBAT CLOWN OPERA is an experimental, multimedia project that Adrienne has recently begun developing. She is interested in storytelling that does not rely upon traditional dialogue, and wants to explore absurd gesture, and operatic voice through costume, animation, and sound design. The film will chronicle four fragmentations of one self through a series of abstract scenes emphasizing mimed performance with stop motion animation techniques. Kookbat Clown Opera explores the theme of self worth and tells a story of transitional emotion and growth while highlighting the individual and joint aesthetic of the characters she refers to as: (The Clown/Troubadour, Andy Warhol, The Wolf) and The Butterfly.


Adrienne Gantenberg: creator/production designer

Lauren Flinner: film maker/animator 

Max Davis: sound designer/performer

Niko Gjorgievski: opera singer

Mannequin sketching - costumes in progress

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