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live virtual experiment #5

associated designers of canada


level up symposium, 2022

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Expanding upon LEVEL UP’s highly successful Live Design Experiments, the Live Virtual Experiments are a series of paid long-distance virtual collaborations.

Curated groups of four artists are given thirty hours over two months of working time in which to respond to artistic prompts and create a live experience.

At the end of this period, the artists livestream the results of their experiment for an audience of fellow creators and others. 

Our experiments will provide a safe space for creators to try and potentially fail, and to learn from one another's experiences. The plan is to create a presentation of some kind—not specifically a performance, but rather some kind of live expression of the ideas that the group has been playing with—in order to share ideas and digital experiences.

By creating opportunities for applicants to learn from current investigations of industry leaders and each other,  theatre makers internalize a wider sense of possibility in terms of applying digital tools to their current and future work. 

Live Experiment #5 takes the audience on a digital journey created with the platform OhYay!

Through the process of video capture and upload we bring the body parts of our audience into our digitally created space where we question our relationship with these digital devices and what it means to exist virtually by creating a collective, virtual body. 



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